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A creepy urban legend story, the clown statue

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

The story goes that a young girl is babysitting alone one night in a big house .

When bedtime comes the kids are restless and do not want to go to bed because of some reacurring nightmares they have been having recently.

After a bedtime story the children became more relaxed and ready for sleep.

The babysitter tucked the kids into bed and then returned down stairs , she makes her self comfortable on the couch and grabs the remote to turn on the television ,But she can't relax because of a statue the family have standing in the corner of the room staring at her ,a statue of a clown .

She tries to ignore it and watch television, but her gave keeps returning over to the statue. It looked creepy and Erie ..and her fear of clowns gets the better of her and she decides to call the parents to ask if they don't mind if she moves it out of sight.

She dials the fathers phone ,eventually the farther answers the girl asked if he minded if she removed the clown statue from the room as it was unsettling her .

"The clown statue" ?

Asked the father

"Yeah the clown statue in the corner of the room" .

The line fell silent then the father shouted down the phone to get the kids now and get out of the house and go to the neighbours and ring the police.

"What's wrong" asked the girl ....

"We don't have a clown statue" , said the father .....

The baby sitter stood there frozen with fear then she dropped the phone raced up stairs grabbed the kids and fled out into the street.

Huddled on the side walk comforting the children she looked up to the living room window to see a clown peeking through the curtains .

The white grease painted face stared for a moment then sank back into the darkness of the house.

When the police arrived they entered the house to find a man dressed as a clown, when they arrested him they found he had a large butchers knife under his outfit.

It turned out he was a mentally disturbed midget who was a convicted murderer who had escaped and had been living in the family's loft and coming out at night to sneak around the house at night.

The children had been complaining about a clown that would stand in there rooms at night and watch them sleep ...and the parents dismissed it as nightmares.

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