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Annabelle doll 

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

The Annabelle doll is probably one of the most famous haunted objects,

made more famous by the Hollywood horror movie, 'Annabelle' In real life the doll looks nothing like it's movie version .

Think of her more of a raggy doll rather than the horrific doll portrayed in the movie .

Let me take you back in time It's the 1970s , and a student nurse named Donna receives the Annabell doll from her mother, who bought the doll from a thrift store as a gift for her .

At first there was nothing out of the ordinary happening ,but gradually Donna and her roommate Angie started to notice the doll make slight movements when they wasn't looking.

This could have been put down to imagination of the girls ,but soon the dolls movements started to increase. For example the doll would be on Donna's bed one minuet and next on the couch with no explanation as to how it got there.

Next came the notes that would appear around the apartment, these were written on parchment paper, which neither of the girls owned ,The notes had the words "Help us" written on them.

One day ,Donna returned home to find Annabelle sat on her bed, which was exactly where she left the doll, so that was a good thing .

Upon closer inspection, Donna noticed a blood like substance coming from the doll, mainly the hands, At this point she thought it was probably wise to bring in a medium.

The medium informed the girls that the apartment had been built on top of a field, where a little girl called Annabelle supposedly died , and her spirit had taken a shine to the doll and decided to possess it .

The girls took sympathy on the spirit and decided to keep the doll so the little girls spirit wasn't lonely.

One day a close friend called Lou was spending the day with Angie, when he heard a noise coming from Donna's room.

Startled, Lou went to investigate ,upon entering the room he saw the doll sat in the chair looking right in his direction ,all of a sudden he got a terrible creepy feeling ,and then a striking pain on his his chest, as if the doll had lunged at him, although the doll never moved an inch.

Lou closed the bedroom door and took a few steps back and unbuttoned his shirt, to reveal that he had a series of scratches on his chest, as though he had been attacked by a garden rake.

This attack prompted Donna to call in more mediums, this time she called in ed and Lorraine Warren .

The famous paranormal investigators ed and Lorraine warren, informed Donna the doll was not possessed by a little girl, but a demon posing as one.

The demons intention was to eventually take possession of Donna's soul.

They had a priest bless the apartment and the warrens agreed to take the doll away with them .

The warrens eventually arrived home after a few near crashes and car trouble ,that they believed was due to the fault of the doll sitting on the back seat ,they decided to put the doll in the boot of the car for the rest of the journey .

​They placed the doll in ed warrens study. ​as time went on they had witnessed on a few occasions the doll moving around the house , and appearing in different rooms.

The doll was also once seen levitating above eds desk.

They decided they needed the doll to be kept under lock and key a special class case was made and Annabelle was placed inside under lock and key , to stop her moving around the house and causing mischief.

And that is where she remains to this very day.

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