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The haunted Egyptian statue

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

Staff at the Manchester museum, in Manchester England have been left puzzled and creeped out by the apparent haunting of a 4,000 year old Egyptian statue, which stands only 10 inches tall.

The statue has been in the museum now for over 80 years. In 2013 Mr price ,the curator noticed that the statue has began to turn in a full circle, which is strange said the curator as the statue is kept in a locked case and he is the only one with a key.

He decided to set up a time lapse camera, and did indeed capture it moving of it's own accord through out the day, until it has turned its back one the visitors of the museum.

According to price ancient Egyptians spirits are said to possess statues such as these when the physical body is dead.

Scientist Brian Cox gave a explanation that it was maybe vibrations from the crowds walking past the statue causing it to turn .

But price does not buy into this theory .

Mr price says, the statue has been on display for over 80 years and has never moved before so why should it start now.

What do you think this a mummy curse from a dark tomb or is it just ........bad vibrations .

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