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Liverpool, Bold St time traveller

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

​photo credit: fauxpork #3 via photopin (license)

In 1996 frank , a former police officer and his wife carol were shopping in the town of liverpool in the uk .

Carol went to buy a book from dillons book shop which was situated on bold street .

Frank decided that he would visit another shop whilst his wife was looking in the bookstore , before he made it to his shop he bumped into an old friend and stopped for a while to chat.

A few minuets later frank finished up the conversation with his friend and visited his shop , then walked back towards the book store to meet his wife .

As he approached to cross the road to dillons book store he noticed a sign above the door which had the word cripp's written on it .

He went to step off the curb when a small box van sped past him and honked its old fashioned horn at him .he noticed the name cardin's on the side of the van.

Startled frank looked around the street to find it didnt look the same as it did minuets ago , the roads were filled with old fashioned vehicles that looked like they were from the 1950s .

People were also wearing clothing that certainly did not belong in 1996 ,old fashioned clothing, and nearly every man wore hats and macs as well as the women who wore head scarfs and long skirts and hair styles that ladies had just after the 2nd world war. Frank crossed the road ,he was very puzzled as he headed to where dillons book shop should be , but was now named cripp's.

As he approached he noticed the window displayed not a single book , but instead it was full of handbags, umbrellas and shoes.

As frank went to enter the store he noticed a woman also looking in the window looking just as confused as he did, she seemed to be dressed in modern clothing carrying a modern shopping bag , they both glanced at each other and the woman smiled at him as she walked through the doorway as he followed .

As they entered the shop frank was relived to see that the shelves were filled up with books ,modern books ,modern people and modern clothing ,he looked back to the window display to find it full of books not a handbag,umbrella or shoe in sight.

The young woman turned to frank ,looking confused, she shook her head and said,

"thats strange i thought this was a new clothes shop" ,

and she turned and walked out ,back into bold street , which was once again filled with vehicles and people from there own time period.

The experience never left franks mind , as you can imagine an he decided to do a little research , being a former police officer he was quite good investigating his own strange experience .

The information frank discovered was astounding , Cripp's was infact a womans shop that sold clothing and other items in the 1950s ,and was indeed situated where dillons book shop stood in 1996.

Also the van that sped past frank beeping its old fashioned horn at him ,with cardin written on the side , he discovered there was a firm named cardin's that owned many vans with there name written on the side of them , which also was in buisness around the 1950s.

This isnt the only report of a time slip on bold st in liverpool , one interesting theory is that the underground railway underneath liverpool runs in a circular pattern and is roughly underneath bold street.

This may be responsible for generating enough energy to allow the time slips to occur.

The people who have reported time slips on bold street always seem to travel no further back than the 1920s , roughly the same date the railway lines were first electrified.

another suggestion that maybe the train lines are some how responsible.

the the dillons book store was later rebranded and became waterstones bookshop, but since 2014 the the buisness left the premises on bold street.

As of 2018 the property still remains empty . ​

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