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​ Slenderman was Created in 2009 by Eric Knudsen in a Photoshop contest held on the something awful forum. it was on this site that he soon gained a huge internet community who were obsessed by the character. Slender man is usually described as a tall skinny figure wearing a black suit with a totally blank face . The elongated figure is said to possess telepathic mind control powers which he uses to talk to children before he leads them to there death after capturing them in his testicles that emerge from his back. Slender man was soon given a chilling back story on the creepy pasta website ,a site where users can go to create there own horror tales. Unfortunately in 2014 in Wisconsin two school girls read the tale and became obsessed with the lore and decided to lure a female 12 year old class mate into the woods where they repeatedly stabbed her and left her for dead. They claimed they wanted to please the Slender man by committing a murder , luckily The young girl survived the horrific ordeal and managed to crawl out of the woods and was found by a passing cyclists.

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