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The dybbuk box

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

There are a lot of people selling supposed haunted objects on ebay , After some easy money .. But one item that was listed on the online auction site has a horrifying backstory that may just be real. Let me take you back to September 2001, when a antique buyer, Kevin man attended a estate sale in Portland Oregon . The items being sold that day had once belonged to a old lady who passed away at the grand age of 103 years One particular item in the estate sale caught the antique buyers eye, A simple wooden wine cabinet called a dybbuk box.. Which according to Jewish folklore is said to possess an evil spirit. He made his purchase , but before leaving he was stopped by the deceased woman's granddaughter ,who felt the need to inform him of her grandmother's past ,after seeing him purchase the box. The old woman had been Jewish, she was The only member of her family to have escaped a Nazi concentration camp during world war 2 . When she integrated to The USA The wine cabinet and a few other items was all she had with her. The granddaughter explained that when she was a child the grandmother had always kept the box hidden away out of her reach and warned her that it should never be opened because it contained a evil spirit called the dybbuk . The old woman had requested the box to be buried with her but her family didn't obey the old woman's wishes. Kevin offered the box back to the granddaughter ,but the daughter strongly refused saying the deal was done and now it was his. When kevin returned to his shop he placed the the box in his work shop, that was down in his basement . Almost immediately things started to happen. One day he was called by his shop assistant ,who was in hysterics claiming that the lights had all gone out, enclosing her in darkness as the doors had all locked ,followed by terrible sounds coming from down in the basement. Kevin went down into the basement to investigate , he found every light bulb smashed and a strong smell of cat urine was in the air . Kevin had purchased the box for his mother's birthday and at this point still a sceptic, decided to give the box to his mother as a gift ,after she opened the box she suffered a major stroke and collapsed on the floor,and was rushed to hospital. When Kevin's mother regained consciousness,she told him that when she opened the box she recalled a blast of air hit her with a force, and a demonic feeling penetrated her body. After this the Kevin attempted to give the box away to several more people, but it was always returned to him before long ,usually because they said it gave them a awful feeling . Kevin began to have horrible recurring nightmares, he dreamed of a ugly old hag sat on top of his chest chocking him , this had him waking up ,screaming in the night. He later discovered that all his family members where having the same nightmares as he was . One night after falling asleep at his computer researching the box online , He awoke suddenly feeling someone or something, breathing down his neck ,as he awoke and turned to look, he saw a big shadow figure dashing away down the hall. This is when he decided to sell the box online giving a full detailed account of every thing that he had experienced with the box. The dybbuk box was purchased by Jason haxton, a curator of a medical museum in Missouri . Since the purchase of the box ,Jason has experienced the evil of the box for himself, Stating that he once vomited a strange substance mixed with blood as well as his eyes leaking blood.

He also claims that He now keeps the box buried on his property's grounds, to keep the evil at bay .

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