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The mandela effect 

The Mandela effect is a term used to explain why some of us seem to remember certain things differently to others.

For example in 2013 nelson Mandela died , but many remember Nelson Mandela passing away in prison in the 1980s, but of course this never happened , so why do certain people remember it so vividly .

Well some believe that a multiple universes , simulated universes or time travellers are to blame for this strange phenomenon. But the more rational explanation is that it may all be down to the power of the human mind, and its unreliability to store memories accurately.

Here are a few examples

1) The monopoly man never had a monocle, but many people remember him having a monocle, including me.

2) In the movie the empire strikes back, in the scene where we find out that luke is darthvader son, we hear darth vader say,

"luke I am your father."

Exept he didn't say this at all, he actually says

"No I am your father"

This is another one that got me good.

3) AL capone did not die in alcatraz, he actually dIes at his mansion years after being releases from prison.

4) In the 1990s loads of people vividly remember the comedian sinbad, staring in a movie called shazam where he played a genie.

They remember the film, the scenes and even the VHS box art, problem is, no such film exists.

If you want to hear more of these mandela examples click the link below to listen to bizarre podcasts mandela effect episode.

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