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top 10 horror movies , in my opinion

My top 10 horror movies my opinion.

Halloween is just a few days away as i write this article , and there is nothing better to do on Halloween than to turn down the lights and warm up the popcorn and settle down and watch a scary movie , but there are that many , which do you pick ?

Let me help you with that , I've compiled a few of my favorite horror movies for you to consider , an hopefully you will enjoy my selection .

I've always loved a good horror movie , even when i was younger and they absolutely petrified me , i always found myself wanting more ,like the fear was drug .

Now 36years old and married , i have to watch my horror movies when my wife has retired to bed , she cant handle the scares , its not her cup of tea.

But i find it hard to find a movie that still scares me as they did when i was younger , its almost like i become immune to them, however there are a few exceptions.

So here are my top ten horror movies that still manage to creep me out ,

The shining

Released in 1980 starring Jack Nicholson as a recovering alcoholic writer who takes a job the caretaker at the overlook hotel over the winter , whilst it is closed for the season.

Jack brings with him his wife and young son Danny who has psychic abilities , and is seeing things in the hotel that are not of this world .

The overlook has a very dark gruesome past and is haunted by many ghosts .

Eventually jack under the influence of the evils spirits , starts to loose his mind , and his family are trapped with him as the snow outside rises, and makes it impossible to leave.

The Conjuring 1 and 2

I'm counting these two movies as one entry in the top 10 .

Released in 2013 , Starring Patrick Wilson an Vera Farmiga who play the famous paranormal investigators Lorraine and Ed Warren,

In the first movie the Warren's are needed to help with a very disturbing haunting which is happening to them in there newly bought farm house that has a very dark history , and it isnt long before all the family start to experience some frightening paranormal experiences.

The 2nd movie sees the Warren's once again , helping a family living with a disruptive poltergeist and a evil demon nun , this time in the UK , and the scares are aplenty

Both of these movies are loosely base on actual events, which make it all the more interesting and terrifying at the same time .

The Exorcist

Starring Linda Blair , the exorcist was released in 1973 and was instantly the cause of controversy.

It was hated by the church , accused of causing pregnant women to miscarriage ,and was blamed for numerous heart attacks , and banned in the UK.

The exorcist told the story of young Regan who became possessed after playing with a ouija board.

Although its tame compared to some movies these days , the exorcist still manages to shock people to this day , with the head turning and vomit scene, and of course the graphic masturbation scene with the cross , this movie is still as shocking as it was in 1973.

The woman in black

Starring Daniel Radcliffe , released in 2012.

When i first heard of this movie i was not in a rush to watch it .

I enjoyed the Harry potter movies , which i had seen with my children on more than one occasion , but the thought of watching Daniel Radcliffe in any other movie did not appeal to me , i didn't think he was a very good actor .

I was wrong .

This movie is very eerie and me me jump on more that one occasion , and Radcliffe i brilliant .

Radcliffe plays a lawyer who is sent to a recently deceased woman's house to try and gather some important documents , little does he know he will be sharing the house with a vengeful spirit of a scorned woman.

Cabin in the woods

Starring Kristen Connolly and Chris Hemsworth.

When five college friends go to spend a break at a cabin in the woods.

Its not long before they are set upon by hillbilly zombies.

As the movie goes on, you start to realize that all is not as it seems, and there's a bit of a twist to this movie, that i wont give away here .

This isn't your usual horror movie and the twist is fantastic.

The Babadook

Starring Essie Davies and Noah Wiseman.

The title of this movie is actually a anagram of "A BAD BOOK ".

Which is exactly what this film is about , a book that holds some kind of demonic creature.

This tall pale humanoid figure has long elongated arms , talon like hands , and wears a top hat.

It starts to terrorize the widowed mother and her son as they realize that this disturbing character from the book is very much real and lives in the shadows in there home.

IT part 1 and 2

Part 1 , Released in 2017 and part 2 in 2019.

Starring Bill skarsgard as Pennywise the dancing clown,who is terrifying in this role.

This is about a interdimensional demonic entity or alien who lives in the sewers of a town named Derry , which likes to take the menacing form of a clown ,called Pennywise .

Pennywise like's to feed on children an has done so for hundreds of years , until he meets his match when he is challenged and defeated by a group of kids who call them selves the losers club , 27 years Pennywise returns to feed once more , and the members losers club must return as ,adults this time ,to stop IT once and for all.

Not to be confused with the 1990s Tv series which has not dated well , although i must admit Tim Curry's portrayal as pennywise is both brilliant and iconic , this version is the clear winner.

Insidious 1 and 2

Starring Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson , released in 2011 and 2013

Once again I'm counting these two movies as one entry as the story is kind of in two parts .

A terrifying story , about the Dalton family,who are desperate for help ,after there son fell into a coma after a fall in the attic ,

little do they know there was more to his fall than meets the eye and the longer he remains in this mysterious coma the more , at risk his soul is from a demon who want to posses him.

It isn't long before the family start to feel all isn't right in there home and fear that the house is haunted. And discover that the demons , will follow them , even when they move house.

The family seek help from Elsie , a paranormal investigator , who can shed more light on there horrifying situation and hopefully reclaim there son, before its too late .

The 2nd movie is a continuation to the first movie and i cant tell you much without spoiling both ,

These movie are in my opinion very interesting and scary too , not to mention creepy as hell , but done in a tasteful way, don't expect loads of gore in this one , but prepare to be creeped out.

The devils backbone

Starring Fernando Tielve released in 2001

The devils back bone is a Spanish movie so unless you speak Spanish , I'm afraid your going to need the subtitles switched on for this one.

I'm not a fan of watching movies with subtitles, but literally 10 mins into this, i forgot i was reading and just become totally involved in the story.

After loosing his father , ten year old Carlos is sent away to a school which shelters orphans .

It isn't long before he realizes that this school has a dark and sinister past , which is all connected to the ghost of a small boy that roams the school grounds.

When i fist saw this movie i instantly fell in love with it , the story is top notch , it looks stunning and its beautifully directed .


starring Jamie Lee Curtis released in 1978 .

As I'm recommending movies to watch on Halloween , how could i not recommend the movie ...Halloween, after all its called Halloween and its set at Halloween and its a absolute classic .

A young boy name Michael is committed to a sanitarium after brutally murdering his sister on Halloween whist dressed as a clown ,with a clown mask .

15 years after the murder , Michael escapes and returns to his neighbourhood, but not before murdering a mechanic and taking his overhauls and steals the classic white mask , that has become so iconic since the movies released.

Its not long before the boy count starts to stack up.

And we have come to the end of our list , i hope you enjoy these movies as much as i do.

let me know your favourite horror movies in the comments section below .

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