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Wrinkles the clown

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Theres a gentleman who lives in Florida who likes to dress up as a creepy clown ,and walk the streets looking for people to scare ,his name is wrinkles the clown , but his real identity remains a secret .

Wrinkles made his first appearance in a you tube video , in the video the creepy clown can be seen pulling his way from under a child's bed whilst a little girl lays fast asleep under her covers , wrinkles places the child's teddy bear next to her before creeping away.

The video was posted in 2014 , and instantly went viral , making wrinkles a you tube sensation.

Wrinkles wears a white rubber mask that looks like a very wrinkled version of the Micheal Myres mask , from the Halloween movies .

His lips are painted a blood red , with a red circle blob of paint on his nose , and his eyes are simply not there , just two gaping dark voids . and grey strands of dirty hair grey hair sprouts out from the back of the mask.

Wrinkles wears an all in one costume that is the colour red all over, and covered in white polka dots , with a dirty white ruffled collar.

He really is something directly out of a nightmare .

Fast forward to the present day 2019 as this was written, and Wrinkles now has his very own documentary which is available on the internet to purchase .

And wrinkles has now started his own little business.

for a few hundred dollars you can hire wrinkles to come to your house ,but this clown is no birthday party clown .

Wrinkles is offering his services to parents who's children are misbehaving , and refusing to do what there parents say .

Pay wrinkles his fee, and he will come over to your home and scare your children into being good.

He may stand across the street as your child comes home from school and creep them out , or tap on your house window to get your child's attention as her stares and waves whilst gripping a bunch of balloons in his hand .

One little girl recalls meeting wrinkles after her father contacted the clown on the phone to scare his little girl.

the remember wrinkles telling her that if she wasn't good , he would return and eat her.

The parent then gets a a sticker with a picture of wrinkles and his phone number to place on the fridge or next to the phone ,this is a warning to the child that if he or she misbehave's again ,wrinkles will return.

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